Graduated The Jazz Conservatory of Jaroslav Jezek in Prague and studied classical music at Prof. Jan Kment, Prof. Vaclav Fuka and Prof. Jiri Valenta. He was a member of the debut jazz quartet The Four which won the competition of The International Jazz Festival Karlovy Vary in 1990. In 1994 he was rewarded with Pavel Wlosok Trio at the international competition Jazz Juniors in Krakow in Poland. For several years, Petr Dvorsky has been nominated in The Czech Jazz Society Award as a talent of the year. Since then, he has been an integral member of the Czech jazz scene and has been collaborating with many great Czech and abroad jazz musician, such as Karel Ruzicka, Emil Viklicky, Stepan Markovic, Frantisek Kop, Sandy Lomax, Mark Vinci, Steve Lacy, Ingrid Jensen, Markus Printup, Randy Brecker, Jaroslav Jakubovic, Julian Nicholas etc. to name some of them.
In years 2003-2013, Petr Dvorsky has been a member of The Czech Radio Bigband. Nowadays, he is a member of Emil Viklický Trio, Adam Tvrdy Trio, Elena Sonenshine & Jocose Jazz, the Czech-Finnish project The Connection and is a member of the modern jazz sextet called by the leader Rajnosek B.and. Petr constantly cooperates with great musicians from American and world jazz scene like Marianne Solivan, Walter Fischbacher, Alita Moses, Jaroslav Jakubovich, Melanie Scholtz, Albert Vila etc. With the Emil Viklicky Trio feat. Ernie Adams on drums has performed in 2017 in Chicago Metropolis Performing Arts Centre.
Petr Dvorsky is also active in jazz education area, besides teaching, he has been for two years a director of The Summer Jazz Workshop in Prague and has been the editor of jazz magazine "Jam" organized and published by the Czech Jazz Society.


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